The Bagpipe Place Museum
Starck and O'Cainain...a tale of two bagpipes!

As you might imagine, I get pictures of bagpipes from all over the world on a pretty constant basis.  I recently received the picture below from an owner who described the set as "possible Starck or O'Cainain".  Needless to say, I was very impressed at the respect he showed for both makers, leaving open the possiblity that it might be one, or it might be the other.  Let's see how you do!
I was fortunate enough to have restored a set of O'Cainain bagpipes and to document those pipes in pictures.  These can be seen here.  As you can see, the O'Cainain bagpipe was stamped with the maker's name on the stocks.

So, as I compared the stamped O'Cainain bagpipe with the bagpipe shown here, how was I to know whether O'Cainain had made it and simply didn't apply his stamp, or perhaps this was indeed made by Henry Starck, or perhaps it was made by someone else?  What would you say?