Let's talk chanters!

Anatomy of a chanter

Chanter reeds

...Secrets Revealed #1

...Breaking in New Reeds

...Keep your Reed Happy

Working with chanter reeds

Bringing back the smile

Setting up a chanter

Maintenance of the wood

Your Bagpipe - General Care


The air-tight bag

Hide Bags

Tying in a bag

Seasoning a bag

Save Your Breath!
The video to the right is kind of fun.  During the winter we would play at halftime for the SJNMA basketball games.  It was always a bit of a panic to set up the pipes, get them over to the gym and then wait.  and wait.  I'd quickly organize the boys just before halftime.  I never knew what to expect.  Anyway, it was high-energy and lots of fun...and a great experience for the boys.
If you don't own Jim's book, you should.  I've known Jim since 1972, which doesn't make either of us very young.  Jim pursued an outstanding solo piping career as well as competed in Grade 1 with The City of Guelph Pipe Band.  I played with rival Waterloo Regional Police Pipe Band.  Jim's Rythmic Fingerwork and Piobaireachd Fingerwork are considered essential by many pipers and instructors.  I'm very pleased to recommend both.
Hal Leonard Bagpipe Method

Music Background
   Blessing or Curse?

SJNMA Pipe Band 2006-2012

Certificate of Authenticity

Understanding Ivory Laws

Buying a Bagpipe

...New or Used?

...Domestic or Import?

...Your first Bagpipe #1

...Your first Bagpipe #2

Manufacturing Flaws

Identifying Bagpipes

ABW and Ebony

Woods of the Bagpipe
Sound and Performance

Inside the Drones

Drone Harmony

Tuning Drones

Adjusting Drone Reeds #1

Adjusting Drone Reeds #2

Blowing Tone

Tone and Hemp

Supercharge Your Bagpipe!

Clan MacFarlane Pipe Band

Niagara Police Pipe Band

Braemar Pipe Band

How to build a Pipe Band

The Power of Preparation

Music - Old Recordings

My Bagpipes (some of them)
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