Meet Ringo

First of all, I'm not sure when the nickname was bestowed upon me or the exact circumstances thereof.  I suppose one does not necessarily get to choose these things and has little power over them once they take root.  Accordingly I answer to "Ringo" or "Ron" as you wish.  Most in the bagpipe world know me as "Ringo" and some seem surprised that my birth certificate would say otherwise.  I suppose there may be some advantage to this.  When my name is called at the hour of my demise I may have a card to play.

I've been fortunate in my lifetime to have been able to give back to the music and culture I love so dearly.  In addition to this website, I have built several pipe band programs, taught countless students, written three books on the instrument and music.  I also enjoyed the company of some of the greatest characters one can imagine.

I'm happy to connect with you, whether it's to sort out a bagpipe issue or just to chat.